Aqueela {Sacramento, California photographer}

I have a lot to say about this shoot. I’m not much for big, cheesy descriptions, but there’s just too much to be said and too many people to thank not to. It was probably my favorite I’ve ever had in every way.
This is Aqueela. We met a while ago when I went to a shoot with her and a friend of mine. We never talked much after that. She had moved to southern, Ca a while ago so we didn’t keep in touch much. A week or two ago, I saw she was coming back into town, so I asked her if she wanted to shoot, and she said yes. Then I knew I had to do some planning. I couldn’t not make a shoot with her amazing.
I had trouble thinking of a different location/idea for a shoot with her, that I had never done before. Then I remembered a shoot I had an idea for on a sailboat I was trying to make happen over the summer. Through scheduling, the shoot never came to pass.
So within the last week, I got ahold of my friend Tricia Davidge, who is an amazing photographer, hair/MUA stylist. She said she was down to help out, and did an AMAZING job with Aqueela for today. I also got ahold of my friend Danielle (the ginger I shoot a lot) to help out with the wardrobe styling. Finally talked to a GREAT dude named John about letting us go out on his sail boat. The whole time of shooting was probably one of the best times I’ve had in a while with Aqueela, her wonderful mother, John, and a couple other buds.
Really everybody that helped out, thank you so much for taking time out of your day to help with this. I appreciate that more than I can say. You are all awesome.

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Anika Taylor-

This are your best pictures! Your subject is amazing and you captured her in the perfect “light” (HA, HA)! You are the most talented photographer I know. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Every time you shoot it gets better and better.

Peace Out,

Josh Killer set man! Love them all!

Lizet gorgeous photo’s!!! you allways have these gorgeous models… and that light… i think i have to move away from holland 😉

Jon stellar choice of model Taylor, fascinating

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