Rowan and Dustin -Northern California couples photographer-

It was exactly one year since I shot Rowan and Dustin’s weddings. We went out to Castle Lake near Mt. Shasta and had a killer time getting in the water, walking some trails, and getting lost trying to find others. Congrats guys!! You’re amazing.

All photos captured on film with a Mamiya 7 and Nikon fm2. 

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Single frame, Melissa -Northern California wedding photographer-

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Jim and Jo go to Mossbrae falls! -Northern, California photographer-

Every year for the past 3 years I’ve shot with Jim and Jo, and every year it’s awesome.

All shot on either a Mamiya 7 w/ 80mm and Nikon FM2 and 28mm.

Tri-x, Ektar, Fuji Superia, and Portra 160

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A 2014 preview -Redding, California wedding photographer-

It’s been a busy year and I’m starting to wrap up wedding season. Here’s a preview of a few moments I’ve captured throughout the year. 

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Kalli’s Senior photos -Redding, California senior portrait photographer-

A few months ago I received an email from Kalli. She was saying that she lived in Minnesota and had found my photos online. She was to be a senior the following year and was looking to get some photos done. As I had no plans to go to Minnesota anytime soon, I told her that if she’s ever in the Northern California area, to contact me and I would love to do some. No kidding, a few months later, I get an email from Kalli again saying her and her family will be driving through and she would still like some photos done. I couldn’t believe it. We figured things out, took some photos, and had a blast. Thanks for coming out, Kalli! Hope you had a good time. 

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