Brian and Trish get engaged in Yosemite on film-Redding, California destination engagement photographer-

I’m really not sure where to state with this story, so I’m just going to start typing. I met Brian through a film photography group on Facebook. He sent me a message saying he wanted some photos of him and his then girlfriend while she’s in California. It then developed into him asking if I would be OK with doing the photos in Yosemite. It took me a minute to get over the whole, “Is this real??” feeling, just to be told right after, that he planned on proposing to her there as well.
Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m driving through Yosemite valley for the first time, looking in awe at the incredible landscape surrounding me, thinking I get to capture a proposal here in a couple of days. It was a surreal feeling. After finding a camp, getting set-up, scouting out, a couple of day-hikes, the time to shoot had come. We met up with Brian and Trish at the Curry Village store, chatted for a while, and set out from there. It was a little over-whelming how you just couldn’t go wrong with shooting anywhere in the valley, but we had to start somewhere. While Trish was getting some stuff ready, Brian pulled me aside to figure out when he should propose. I said when we get the best, open view of half-dome, I’ll say ‘blueberry’. After walking next to the river, through a path, and out to the field, it was time. I was so excited, I just looked past them, braced myself, and said “I love blueberries” and stepped back. The rest is history and photos. Thank you so much, Brian and Trish for allowing Tricia and myself to be a part of such an incredible experience. I wish you two nothing but the best and am so excited to see where you two go.

All shot with film, on a Pentax 645, Mamiya 7,and Ricoh GR1v

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Travels and Tales

Last year I did quite a bit of traveling all over the western half of the United States. Since last April, I’ve been working on getting the photos from these trips organized into a portfolio to tell the stories of what I’ve seen, who I’ve met, and where I’ve been. It’s finally all coming together in my new site dedicated to my travels documented on 100% film. My favorite part of being a photographer is being able to tell stories and document experiences unique to every day life. We all have things we love, stories we cherish, and memories that are unique to us. The thing I love most about traveling is finding people and places I would never have met or seen without getting out, finding them, and learning about their loves, stories, and memories and telling their stories through photos. This site is my attempt at these stories and collections of the people and places that excite me and inspire me to keep on moving. These are my travels and my Tales.

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Sanket and Pallavi in San Francisco -San Francisco engagement photographer-

Here is an example of two amazing, kind, and great people. Thank you so much for the day of exploring and photos all around the bay. I can’t wait until your wedding!

Another mix of digital and film from my Pentax 6×7 and Portra

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Willow and Track – Redding, California engagement photographer -

“We’re parked on the top level. We’ll be the tools in track suits” was the text I received from Willow on my way to our shoot. The story, as I remember it, was they met on a cruise and all Craig (Track) had to wear, was a track suit. Hence the nick-name. As we started shooting, we were under cover and the rain wasn’t too bad. Though before long, it started to really come down. I kept asking them if it was OK with them to keep shooting while we were getting soaked, and their response was continuously, “I love it!!”, so the fun went on to one of my favorite, and definitely most wet shoot I’ve ever had. 

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Erin, Whit, and Charlie – Newport, Ca destination family photographer –

Full post from this shoot of this adorable little family in Newport Beach 

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