Ricki and Sam

Ricki and Sam are a couple of awesome people who are also sisters. This shoot was my first shoot with all medium format film cameras and was basically a test to see how everything worked and to warm up to that style of shooting. I LOVED how these turned out and am extremely happy it went from a test to one of my all-time favorite shoots. Shooting film is such a different dynamic in almost every way. Yeah, it involves all the fundamentals as shooting digital, but that’s about it. Manual focus, not being able to see what you just took, and cameras that imitate bricks. It’s hard to not be cautious while shooting, and in doing so I feel like it’s harder to be creative. I’m really trying to grow in that aspect, and I feel like this was a great start. These were all shot with a Pentax 645 with a 75mm 2,8m 45mm 2.8 and a Pentax 67 with a 105mm 2.4. Films used were Fuji pro 400H, Tmax 400, and Fuji Acros. All processed and scanned at Photovision labs in Oregon. 

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Louie Abellera real good, man

Emily awesome. beautiful work, makes me want to get my a into g and do a film shoot too : )

Jon Amazing job as always Taylor.

Amanda I adore this entire session! Amazing amazing work!

clint awesome man. just getting into medium format myself. that penultimate photo with the back light is too good, loved the light-leak BW too 😀

Josh Always loved film, and this exemplifies why. Sick shit

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