I love trips like this. Drive forever to the middle of nowhere then hike to more nowhere. Seeing things you never get to see and being around people you never get to be around. Being surrounded by new. It’s something most never seem to think about. The thought of being around the unfamiliar has become one of the favorite things this year because there’s not much else like it. Throughout this trip we visited familiar places and faces along with a few new. It was an incredible expereince that I know I’ll be stoked on for a while. Big thanks to everybody that was a part of it and helped make it as great as it was. Here’s a bunch of images from my iphone that I snapped along the way. I felt these best tell the story of the trip. Hope you enjoy!

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Ethan Gulley these are all so awesome. This is one of my dream vacations believe it or not.

sara These are beautiful! I love how they are all iphone photos. Just shows you dont need the expensive equipment to take gorgeous photos!

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