Pacific Northwest

I’m not a big fan of cities. I don’t like grids, I don’t like honking horns, I don’t like way too many people crammed in too small of an area. I really love open spaces, mountains, lakes, places to get lost. Places where you can literally go anywhere for an hour and not see another single person. I love knowing that I can got lost, and I’ll love every second of it. These reasons are why I love the Pacific Northwest. It’s a place where you can find all of these things in abundance with a strong lack of people. It’s an amazing feeling to get away and see new things that just make you excited in the fact that they exist.
Also on this trip, I went to Vancouver, BC. It was my first time leaving the country.I know ┬áIt’s pretty contradictory to what I just said, but it’s an amazing place as well. There’s so much good stuff in and around that area that you just can’t NOT enjoy it. Definitely a place everybody should check out.
All in all this was a trip everybody should take. Everybody should get lost once in a while and find something or someplace new. find something else they might enjoy.

**side note, all of these prints are for sale. Don’t hesitate to contact me for some!

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brittni incredible Taylor… wow.

Jordan Voth You’re a true boss among bosses. Amazing.

Josh These are incredible! Great job Taylor!

Emma Breathtaking <3

Raj Taylor, these are absolutely amazing!

Jack Strutz Wow man. This is seriously, seriously amazing work. I am completely in love with your black and whites. Also, are you using a tilt shift or free lensing?

Zac Fisher This set is awesome, Taylor! Love the TS stuff and the lake reflection pics. Well done sir!

Sarah Jane Oh wow, these photos are so gorgeous!
Love the forest shots especially, and that bridge looks awesome.

Cadie Cagle These are so absolutely amazing! The last four are my favorite! Breath taking!

clint vancliff 2 words…..F***ing amazing! How much are prints?

Jordan Mill amazing work, I’m in awe. was wondering how much prints were?

Bret Lemke yesssss. so goooooood.

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