Monthly Archives: May 2011

Random shots with my 35mm point & shoot

All of these were shot with my Yashica T2. I take it with me everywhere I go just in case there’s something worth snapping a photo of. I really prefer it to my phone because it seems to mean more when I have to wait a month to finish off the roll and get the […]

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Los Angeles

Just some random stuff I snapped while walking around LA a couple months ago. All done with some 35mm portra 400

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Ashley and Taelor

Lately I’ve been thinking that I don’t enjoy shooting anywhere near as much unless I have a purpose. Something to shoot for, other than, “hey I want to take some pictures”. So a couple weeks ago I got ahold of my friend Anika Burke ¬†and Lacey Tucker. I asked them if they would be […]

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